Skin care alone makes it impossible to remove dirt on the skin and pores. It is important to take a meal with less fat and sugar by UV measures and meals.

Work hard on skin care of pores
Work hard on skin care of pores

Can not drop the dirt on the pores with skin care alone?

Even if you do skin care properly, there are many things you care about the dirt on the pores.
Pores of the nose are particularly conspicuous in many cases.
Everyday cleansing, measures against ultraviolet rays, diet, not accumulating stress, exercise, correcting sleep is necessary to keep the whole skin clean.
The pores might would have been thought to is does not matter, but if the skin is healthy, and because it is important out force to push out the dirt of pores with nature.
Washing face is good twice a day.
Washing too much is not good.
When you hit ultraviolet rays, sebum in pores oxidizes and becomes black.
It can be said to be the cause of darkening of the pores.
Because stains and wrinkles, eye diseases and many diseases can also be caused, it is important for people who are not interested in your skin to take UV countermeasures.
Because accumulating stress will make your circulation worse, it is important to dissipate the stress well.
Even every day about 30 minutes is good so I'd like to improve my blood circulation and improve my metabolism by walking.
Because lack of sleep is an enemy to the skin, I want to sleep at least by 1 o'clock in the evening.

Because diet rich in fat and sugar may cause excessive secretion of sebum, it is important to refrain from eating.
Harsh goods and alcohol are also the cause of excessive secretion.
Fried beans etc. may be the best in beer's snacks, but let's make soybean or cold so it is not good for your skin.
It is good to eat mainly black vinegar, liver, eel, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fish, tea, nuts etc.
Collagen etc is necessary for the skin, so I would like to supplement it with supplements etc.

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