Does the open pores spread as much as you can by twisting? I was noticed, cleaned up with skin care and regenerated.

Work hard on skin care of pores
Work hard on skin care of pores

Play open pores in skin care

For women, skin pores are enemies.
What I was troubled with by skin troubles was not so much in adolescence, but I have been concerned about the nose pores around 25 years old.
I wanted to push dirt clogged in the pores and pushed out with a nail to push out.
Then it will come out I get a lot of dirt. Although it hurts, I was fun and constantly doing pores remarkably.
When washing with deep cleansing it became beautiful At that time I did not know why. Also, there were goods to take dirt on the pores, but there was only an idea of ??crushing on their own.
The nose turns red and the pores start to stand out, and when we went to a relatives, we decided to marry him when we were concerned.

I told my nephew in my face that I saw my face and my nose looks like a strawberry.
It was very shocking. Well, at that time, I was fortunate or they were only two, so I could keep it secret, but later I went to the toilet later and saw the spoonful in the mirror when washing my hands. After all the pores are conspicuous. I was worried about how to do it.
Then, I cleaned my pores to use absolute skin care products.
Both cleansing and facial cleansing were followed by facial cleansing with cold water, washing face and crackling face, stimulating and waiting for tightening of pores.
Will it be about a year later, it became less conspicuous.
After that I met my nephew during the wedding, but did not say anything. Well, since it is a wedding, you probably do not have anything to say because the makeup is perfect, but I was conscious of my child badly. The tightening of the pores is renewable as soon as it is groomed.

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