I'm curious about pores. For this summer, especially make-up collapse is quick, so let's improve with skin care.

Work hard on skin care of pores
Work hard on skin care of pores

Improve pores with skin care

Skin pores are enemies. Even if you hide it with make - up, it will appear when the evening comes, it is a troublesome part of pores.
Especially during this season for summer, the make-up collapses quickly, and pores can be seen all the time when it is hard to go to makeup! No matter what. I think that it is best to review the skin care to prevent it.
First of all make up makeup with pore care effect, choose cream, milky lotion etc.
Let's try using it first to see if it can be better.
If it gets better, that cosmetic is matched to your skin, so it will gradually improve by continuing to use it.

However, tightening pores is difficult, so if you have not improved it then you need to take care more carefully now.

Now you have a pore pack. That burdens the skin and I hear the story that it is not good, but I think that it is necessary also to pull through the stubborn lines firmly to tighten the pores.
Just not doing too much is not good. At least not one meeting per week would be good? And let 's keep moisturizing firmly using plenty of skincare so as not to be familiar.
Although there may be an image of being sticky when moisturizing, the skin of this period is dry.
So I firmly believe that careful moisturizing care will help pore improvement.
Usually it is good to try using concealer exclusively for pores.
However, let's not take time to leave a concealer or foundation on your face.

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