I am concerned about the dirt on the pores. So recently it became aware of skin care firmly.

Work hard on skin care of pores
Work hard on skin care of pores

Skin care for pore dirt firmly

I was surprised to see my face in the mirror.
I thought that the pores stand out.
It seems embarrassing if I do not do firm skin care firmly.
Some people of the same age are doing very beautiful skin.
The pores of such a person are closed and inconspicuous.
In my case it got dirty and gathered more and more, so the pores in my nose became black and dirt came to bother me.
So it makes extra pores conspicuous.
I came to think recently that I feel embarrassed and have a firm skin care.
I thought that I had beautiful skin if I had been care earlier.

However I came to be conscious thinking that it will be good even a bit from now.

I thought that cleansing was important again.
Cleansing the morning cleansing facial and then night makeup.
I thought that it was important to get the dirt of make-up secure.
So bubbles are good for getting dirty pores.
So I make bubbles firmly and get dirty of the pores feeling like gently curling it.
And when I got out of the bath I kept moisturizing liquid firmly attached so that I could penetrate my pores.
I continued it every day.
Then gradually the dirt became inconspicuous, I felt like the skin became a little clean.
I thought what everyday stacking is important point.
It is important to have skin care so that pores will not be noticeable ever.
I want to continue to take dirt even if I am busy.

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