Even if you do skin care like everyday, there are people who are concerned about the dirt of pores. Washing face is important for dirt on the pores.

Work hard on skin care of pores
Work hard on skin care of pores

Skin care to clean the pores

For women, it is essential to care for your skin every day.
Even if you do skin care like every day, it is natural that dirt gathers in the pores.
Some people may push the sebum or dirt stuck in the pores with a fingers, but let's refrain because the skin may cause inflammation or injury.
I think that I do not need to say it, but the way to clean up darkness etc. is a washing face every day.
Facial cleansing is good at twice in the morning and at night.
There is no need to wash face many times. If you wash your face a number of times, you will damage the skin by dropping the necessary amount of sebum, so be careful.

In the morning it is relatively easy to wash with water.
I think that there is a thing to wash the water well and wash it, but since the pooled water will soon become dirty, let's wash quickly with running water.
Sebum is also intended to protect the skin, so it is not good to drop off sebum too much from the morning. It is important to wash firmly in the opposite direction in the night.
After firmly spreading the pores with warm hot water, whisk the facial cleanser and wash it gently on the skin.
There is no need to scrape strongly. Let's wash so that no facial cleanser remains.
After washing your face, let 's give it moisture with lotion etc. immediately.
No matter how hard I wash my face, if I am concerned about the dirt of the pores, I will also improve by reviewing stress, eating habits, sleeping, exercise and so on.
It is important not to neglect not only externally care but also inner care.

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