In order to pick up dirt on the pores and tighten it it is necessary to pack carefully and do skin care carefully from the stage of basic make-up.

Work hard on skin care of pores
Work hard on skin care of pores

I can not neglect measures on pores in my daily skincare.

One time, my friend sent me a picture with an attachment.
I tried opening it but I can not tell what the image is just by showing a white blur on the black surface somehow. What is this? Because it was a subject named Snow so I reply that I made a tower with snow totally different.
It was an image after packing pores and peeling it off.
The thing like a white tower was that the dirt on the pores came out of the pores.
Although it is a type of pore pack that peels off after a few minutes, it is interesting that friends tried around such as cheeks and noses, so the surroundings of the nose are the largest in the pores Because I got dirty it was Sha-mailed.
Certainly I am concerned about the dirt on the pores.

Even if you do skin care such as facial cleansing, massage and so on, if the pores are soiled, it will make it difficult for the foundation to go well and the makeup will become easy to collapse.
While the female announcer switched from analog to digital terrestrial broadcasting, I was crying to say that the pores were reflected on the screen, but I feel like understanding.
There is no disappointment for open pores.
Well, there are various methods besides the previous pack to tighten this pore dirty.
First of all, when you make make-up remover such as cleansing, massage together to make dirt come up, and after washing face carefully putting in skin lotion for tightening pores etc. Everyday skincare is not allowed . And it seems that you should be careful about eating habits such as not eating greasy stuff.

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